Paper Doll Me


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Hey guys! I know I promised to post another strip of my trip to Greece but I kinda forgot to draw it… Sorry. Here I’m making amends 😀 Today has been very productive day, as you can see. I have always been fascinated by paper dolls. Especially those old looking ones (vintage is the word). I can’t seem to find paper dolls anywhere nowadays, it’s the same case with letter writing papers. Sometimes I like to be old fashioned and write a long letter to my friends.

But yeah, here you can see what kind of clothes I wear 😀 I wanted to draw my clothes as realistic as possible, still keeping in mind that cartoony style. I think I will add some more clothes later. This took me nearly eight hours to make.

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PS. If you want to have a copy of this picture, or of any other work I’ve done, please be so kind to ask me. Downloading/saving/copying straight from my blog is prohibited. Thank you. 

In Greece With Mom


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 This is what people think we did:

Greece_1And this is what really happened:



1. “Off to the beeeaaaacchhhhh!!” “Mom, wait! I don’t have my pants on!!” 2. “MOM!! I left my towel at the hotel room!” “So what! Too late to go get it now! Wooohooo!!!!”

3. “Gosh it’s so hot in here… What if we just skipped the beach today?” “Okey.”

Yeah, was in Greece with mom. In one week we got to see many beautiful places and hear interesting stories about Grecian mythology and history told by our guide during those three bus trips we participated. But when we had sort of planned going to the beach after shopping and lunch, we were just hanging out in our beds reading books and sweating like cute little pigs 😀 Our hotel was located in uphill so every time we wanted/ needed to go there we had to sweat a bit more. Boy was it good exercise! So after we got to our room we were so tired that walking some more uphill to the beach (we had to go over a mountain) and then back to the hotel didn’t sound very appealing. You can call us lazy, but in +35°C it would have been torture.

We went to the beach once though. It was kinda nice. There were little rocks where there should’ve been soft sand so you can imagine how cool it was to walk to the sea, only to experience some more little rock tickling our soles. I still can feel the pain. We couldn’t get out of the sea without falling and stumbling. At some point it felt like we were stuck. I even tried to crawl out of water but the rocks just sucked me in, you know! They took my limbs to captives! Otherwise it was nice. Mom did try to swim but being a wimp I just soaked myself where the waves hit the shore. Yeah. Even kids went deeper than me. As some of you may know (if you don’t know, see my older posts) I’m afraid of deep water, and the waves that day were very strong and I was afraid to lose control of my body if I went deeper.

Anyway we had wonderful trip and you can be expecting to see one more comic strip of it soon, I hope 😛 Got it all planned, now I have to just draw it.

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This Is How I Roll


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It may sound weird but when I’m about to draw something romantic and beautiful (or anything really) I usually listen to metal. I always try to find the “roughest and hardest” songs then turn the volume high. I’m sure I’m violating my ears with my headphones pushed so deep into my ears that they tickle my eardrums. But! Music is too good to be listened quietly and I’d rather be deaf granny than stop enjoying music now.

Oh and those lyrics on the third box are from two different songs, I’ll put links to those here: Du Hast and B******** . Currently my favourite Rammstein music video is Keine Lust just because I think they look funny in that one 😛

Btw that drawing I’m holding in the last box/picture can be found under Annie-folder 🙂

Hope you enjoy!!


Happy Mother’s Day!! ♥


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mothersday1. Earlier on the week: “Hi sis! Are you going to mom’s for Mother’s day lunch on Sunday?” 2. “Yes, I am!” 3. On Sunday: “Hello mom! ♥” “Heelloo! ♥” “Happy Mother’s day!” 5. “Psst! Sis…Why are we here again?” 6. “…It’s Mother’s day…” “Ghehe! Well of course I knew it!”

I LOVE my sister, she’s always so cute and goofy. Sometimes she’s a bit all over the place… but, she wouldn’t be my sister if she wasn’t you know 😛

And I  L O V E my mom!!! 

Hope you enjoy!

♥ Laura

Evil Paper


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1. “Empty, white paper…” *sigh* 2. It looks so innocent and pure but in real life it is your worst enemy.” 3. “When you start to stare at it, not knowing yet what to draw, it sucks you in. It paralyzes your brain.” 4. “It takes your will to draw. I feel so stupid looking at the empty space…” #You are just ungifted!# 5. “Wha…!?” #Evil laugh# 6. “Oh shut up you scum!!”

Yeah, I’ve been finding it hard to come up with new comic strips. I just stare at the paper and curse how white it is. My head is empty and my eyes are fixated on the paper. I get frustrated and…this comes out. I hope I knew how to keep my mind awake and productive. School is so energy consuming… Oh well.

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In A (Heavy Metal) Gig


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1. Other fans: 2. Me: 3. Yeah.


I was in a Sonata Arctica gig last thursday and it took place in a concert hall where people usually go see classical concerts and ballet for example. So, the crowd was sitting very firmly on their chairs although it was a metal “concert”. Which was very odd since what I have used to is people jumping and swaying insanely and moshing in metal gigs. Now they just clapped their hands in admiration and maybe yelled something cheering. Only at the END of the gig they found the courage to stand up. Yeah. I, myself, sat throughout the whole thing because I find it more comfortable for me than being like those other (young) very eager fans. I be like “oh so sophisticated” :p And yes, I’ve always wanted to have a mustache…

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One of my fears


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Sarjikset0041. “I bought a swimsuit.” 2. “I look like an olive with it on.” 3. “I haven’t swum in many years. Some years ago I swam on the sea in Samos, but I wouldn’t count it because I was mainly floating in the water.” 4. “Anyways. The point is that I made a deal with my mom to go swimming to a swimming hall. Mother-daughter time you know.” 5. “But the problem is, I am scared of water. Well…not the water itself, but the depth of the pool. “And why?” 6. “Let’s say it’s not easy to be careless little child in a pool when your own dad daunts you by saying there’s also crocodiles and sharks swimming with you.” 7. “And my always-running-in-overdrive imagination doesn’t alleviate my fear at all…”

Thanks dad!! x) ❤