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Sarjikset0041. “I bought a swimsuit.” 2. “I look like an olive with it on.” 3. “I haven’t swum in many years. Some years ago I swam on the sea in Samos, but I wouldn’t count it because I was mainly floating in the water.” 4. “Anyways. The point is that I made a deal with my mom to go swimming to a swimming hall. Mother-daughter time you know.” 5. “But the problem is, I am scared of water. Well…not the water itself, but the depth of the pool. “And why?” 6. “Let’s say it’s not easy to be careless little child in a pool when your own dad daunts you by saying there’s also crocodiles and sharks swimming with you.” 7. “And my always-running-in-overdrive imagination doesn’t alleviate my fear at all…”

Thanks dad!! x) ❤