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1. “Empty, white paper…” *sigh* 2. It looks so innocent and pure but in real life it is your worst enemy.” 3. “When you start to stare at it, not knowing yet what to draw, it sucks you in. It paralyzes your brain.” 4. “It takes your will to draw. I feel so stupid looking at the empty space…” #You are just ungifted!# 5. “Wha…!?” #Evil laugh# 6. “Oh shut up you scum!!”

Yeah, I’ve been finding it hard to come up with new comic strips. I just stare at the paper and curse how white it is. My head is empty and my eyes are fixated on the paper. I get frustrated and…this comes out. I hope I knew how to keep my mind awake and productive. School is so energy consuming… Oh well.

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