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Hey guys! I know I promised to post another strip of my trip to Greece but I kinda forgot to draw it… Sorry. Here I’m making amends 😀 Today has been very productive day, as you can see. I have always been fascinated by paper dolls. Especially those old looking ones (vintage is the word). I can’t seem to find paper dolls anywhere nowadays, it’s the same case with letter writing papers. Sometimes I like to be old fashioned and write a long letter to my friends.

But yeah, here you can see what kind of clothes I wear 😀 I wanted to draw my clothes as realistic as possible, still keeping in mind that cartoony style. I think I will add some more clothes later. This took me nearly eight hours to make.

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PS. If you want to have a copy of this picture, or of any other work I’ve done, please be so kind to ask me. Downloading/saving/copying straight from my blog is prohibited. Thank you.