About Me

I’m just an ordinary girl, except that I have an imagination which sometimes runs too fast. Good ideas (my great “visions”) come and go so quickly I barely have time to catch them. But sometimes, which is quite often to be honest, my head is empty. I can stare at blank paper for hours with huge frustration, pushing my brains, hoping I’d get some sort of idea what to draw. Then I give up. Usually the most interesting ideas come when I don’t have paper near me (as it is quite difficult to draw on my phone for example…though I do have iPad mini with “sketching app”). And when I’m sitting on the toilet, or cooking, baking, washing my head, trying to sleep…

I have been drawing as long as I can remember. It has always been my favorite hobby alongside handcrafts and reading. I love watching movies, especially the Disney ones. My inspiration for the dream profession of mine, which is clothing designer, has come from the movies and not from the love for fashion. I always dreamed I could do costumes for (period) films and theatre, or evening and wedding gowns and sell them in my own little shop either in Finland or abroad. But back to drawing. Comics are my lifelong love. I remember drawing little comic strips about mice that were like humans as I was a kid. During the years , I have started many stories but only a few of them are completely ready. I never get the plots interesting enough to keep me drawing them. For some time now I have been drawing these one-page-long strips about my life (or loosely based on my life, with a hint of coloring). Those I have found perfectly long/ short for my impatient temper and I enjoy doing them. I hope someone enjoys reading them as much 🙂


1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Heips! vaihdoin s-postiosoitetta. vanhaan alkoi tulla riittävästi roskapostia. toivottavasti tähän uuteen tulee uudet jutut kuten ennenkin.

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