This folder will be filled with images/ drawings and comic pages of Annie, my character that I created many years ago. I drew a comic of her and gave it to my dear friend Annamari, a.k.a Annie ♥ and since she loved it so much I decided to continue her story. But never actually got anything finished which is sad. So sad and I feel bad for it. But now I’m hoping to get something done, and actually I have already! One page of the comic and the cover (it can be found here too from the Art folder under the name of Annie, please go check it out) but I can’t share the ready page with you yet because it’s the fourth page 😀 So you’ll have to wait until I get those three pages before it finished.

Meanwhile I’ll be adding some drawings I did back then when I started thinking this new story and designing new character(s). Hope you find them interesting! 😉 If you do (or don’t, then leave constructive feedback thank you) please leave a comment and maybe share my blog with your friends and perhaps follow too, yes?




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