Annie’s Love

Annie's Love

This picture is about Annie being in love with her husband. They have just got married etc.. Although the man’s hairdo kinda let’s you know which one of the men he is (you’ll see it later when I get those pages done…), Cedric or Gerhard, I won’t be leaking any info about it ;P Sorry about the quality of this picture. I scanned the original, obviously, and tried to tweak it in Photoshop but failed as it’s not my forte. I hate that you can see how I’ve “coloured” this. It’s so bad. But I was too lazy to fix it and didn’t know how to do it in Photoshop anyway…

I should do more of these traditional ink/marker drawings with many details. I remember I loved doing them.

Hope you like it! And you know what to do if you do like it 😉 leave a comment, share, follow…



2 thoughts on “Annie’s Love”

  1. With you I have been able to dream, share my silly thoughts and teenage frustrations. I remember sitting with you in the kitchen drinking coffee and drawing up those beautiful dreams of gentlemen in suits, of rose gardens as Austen’s fairytales. Thank you for those precious memories.

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