Annie is my own character that I designed for a comic (series) I did for my dear friend Annamari (aka Annie, yes she is the inspiration of this character). I only got finished the first comic “magazine” or what ever you want to call it. It was just couple pages long and I drew it all by hand using colour pencils and markers. I loved doing it so I started thinking the next one, got my storyline sketched roughly (couple gaps in the plot here and there but I’d sort them out later…) and of course added new characters. When I begun to think the plot more, I realized I didn’t have any good ideas. In my frustration I put the whole project aside and forgot it for many years. I’m so ashamed because I promised to finish it and give it to Annamari.

This picture was supposed to be the cover image of the Annie vol.2. It may end up in the cover if I ever finish the comic. I did get a bit excited about starting to draw the comic again, to continue it, but this time I’m thinking of doing it with computer. Wish me luck and hope that I’ll have the time and energy 😀

Oh and if you’re wondering why she looks so sad in this picture, well…I can’t tell you why. Not yet. You’ll see (maybe) when I have the whole thing ready.

And don’t pay too much attention to the background, it was just a quick “splash-of-colour-here-and-some-sparkle-there” kind of thing so the picture wouldn’t look so dull. I mean the old grey background that I did to help me see the sheer fabric on her dress.

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