Practice makes perfect


I’ve always been loyal to my pens and paper, never actually quite knew how to use softwares like photoshop or illustrator etc., but yesterday, to my own surprise, I grew really fond of this Autodesk SketchBookPro 6. I find it easier to use than the photoshop for example, I call it “digital drawing for dummies” 😀 So far I love it, and I did spend four hours drawing that lady above. It’s not perfect (hey I’m just a humble beginner) but it’s the best digitally drawn picture I’ve ever done! My previous attempts with photoshop and some others haven’t been as successful as this one…

I hope my enthrallment lasts (since I am sometimes a bit impatient) and that I will soon draw my comics with SketchBook Pro. And I hope you (my all four readers!) enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed doing it.


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