Dancing Girl

dancinggirl_final_SmallThis one I started drawing yesterday, without even knowing what I want to draw. Was just doodling and then I had a beautiful image in my head. It came out almost exactly how I imagined it. And I love it, and I love how I become better every time I draw. It’s always nice to see some progress, since I know I have so much to learn :). This girl/ picture kinda reminds me of Anastasia, the children’s movie.

I wanted to add a background but was too lazy to draw anything, so found that picture of a ballroom from Google. I (well actually my man) did manipulate it a bit with photoshop. Since it was in the Google and I don’t intend to sell this picture, I think it was ok to use that as a background. AND! I don’t claim it to be mine, only the girl is.


Here’s another version with simpler background. I also thought I’d put one with white background here, but kinda liked this one better.

I’ve started to have a burning urge to draw a comic with SketchBook Pro 6. It would be a HUGE project and I don’t know if my patience would last very long. I don’t know, maybe I should try and find out. BUT. The biggest problem when I’m starting a new comic is that I can’t come up with a decent plot. I find my stories utterly boring. I’d need someone to write the stories with me. That would require a lot of time spent together (face to face or via e-mail, Facebook etc.) and I don’t know if I have the time after school starts, AND I don’t know anyone who’d write with me. Who’d have the time also :/.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment or a message if you like. Do share if you please 😀 Your support is well appreciated!



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