Indian Dancer



Oh boy did I love drawing this one! ^_^ She reminds me of Jasmine… Though I didn’t intend her to look like Jasmine. I like that shade of blue/turquoise and couldn’t think of colouring her with other colours. They just didn’t suit her in my opinion 😀 MAYBE this is my subconscious telling me I should do some kind of a Disney princess series. I have thought about it but I feel like everyone who can draw has done that and it’s so old news. But I LOVE Disney princesses ♥ If I ever decide to do a princess series, I have something interesting in mind 😉 At least I’m interested in it. If I give you a clue: two words that start with S and P. First word has five letters and the second has four. This theme has inspired me before, and you can find a drawing I did with this theme in my Art – Digital art album 🙂

Can you guess? Leave a comment and tell me if you like the idea combining that theme and Disney princesses. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed your visit on my blog page 🙂



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