Pearl Loving Mermaid


After a looong break I finally get to add a new picture here! I was kinda hoping I’d have a new comic strip that I could share but I haven’t had any good ideas lately. Haven’t been drawing much actually so this is a great deal that I got this finished today 😛 I had been working on this one for couple days and closer to the end I got very impatient so it isn’t as polished as I would have wanted. But I’m happy nevertheless! 😀

I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve drawn mermaids or fairies or any other fantasy creatures. I love drawing them! Maybe I should go through my old drawings and perhaps re-draw them. That could be interesting, though I think my skills are pretty much the same as they were, let’s say, eight years ago 😀

Thanks for stopping by!!

♥ Laura


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