Archer Elf




Have been doodling this for couple days. This was again one of those drawings I didn’t know I was going to create when I started sketching on paper. Without any idea, at some point I struggled with this. Couldn’t get her body to a good enough pose, until finally after good half an hour of drawing and erasing this was born ^__^ Then inking gave me a headache… My hand wasn’t steady and my lines weren’t as clean and perfect as I would have liked but tried my best to hide those faults.

Then I couldn’t decide whether to color her pants black or not, so I scanned the white version and “ruined” the drawing with black. Which one you think looks better? I quite like the white, but gave to admit that it looks a bit boring. I’d love to have one or two shades darker grey Promarker than I already have.

Here I put these three stages of this drawing individually if you’d like to have a closer look or something 🙂 ↓



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♥ Laura


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