I created this folder for you to see how I’m doing with my newest challenge. It is the first one I have ever done so bare with me. While browsing through art works in DeviantArt I came across with this interesting challenge called “365 Days of Doodles”. I thought, why not? But then begun to think whether I really have the motivation and patience to do such a challenge or would I fail after one month. AND I honestly don’t draw every day. So I decided: The 365 days is my ultimate goal, but I will be merciful to myself and start with just one month  and see how I feel after it. I hope with this project I’ll find my passion for drawing again, and of course I hope I will learn something new while doing it.

I will be using traditional media as my main weapon in this battle (hehe, too dramatic? :D) but I will also be drawing digitally.

The project starts today ·◊January 1st 2015◊·

♥ Laura


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